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War Cross (Vále?ný K?íž), 1914-1918
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War Cross (Vále?ný K?íž), 1914-1918
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Bronze cross formed of four interwoven circles with laterally-pierced ball for ribbon Csuspension; the face with four circles bearing the arms of the four provinces of Czechoslovakia - Bohemia (top), Moravia (left), Silesia (right) and Slovakia (bottom); the reverse with the monogram ‘CS’ and linden leaves (the national Czech tree); on replaced correct ribbon.

The Medal was instituted on 7 November 1918 to recognise individual acts of military bravery between 27 July 1914 and 28 October 1918, both by volunteer members of the Revolutionary Army and by members of the Allied forces who fought alongside them.

This period was later extended so that acts of bravery in defence of the new republic against the forces of Poland and Hungary could be also be recognised.

War Cross (Vále?ný K?íž), 1914-1918
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